The Lord Nelson Restaurant launches new brand identity

The Lord Nelson Restaurant recently celebrated the launch of its new brand identity with its first Wine and Dine event, treating guests to a delectable selection of dishes from its new menu which were each specifically paired with wine from the restaurant’s vast collection.

The rebranding exercise is reflective of the new owners’ passion for embracing the restaurant’s rich heritage whilst cultivating its exciting future thanks to its young dedicated team.

The new logo and tag-line, ‘SHARE-INDULGE-UNWIND’ aims to personify what the Lord Nelson Restaurant is all about: sharing memorable moments with great company, indulging in exquisite food and unwinding in its unique ambiance.

There have also been some slight changes to the décor which complement the new brand identity, and whilst still keeping the unique character of this building and serving to enrich the restaurant’s ambiance.

During the event, new owners Etienne Farrugia and Jimmy Vassallo thanked everyone for attending. During his speech Mr. Farrugia went on to thank all members of the team for their dedication and friends and family for their support.

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